When your vehicle is on the PURIFYD SYSTEMS program, it is periodically treated by one of our PURIFYD Certified Service Providers to remove pathogen buildup. The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD leaves behind a peroxi-carbonate barrier that continues to protect your family after treatment until abraded. We recommend a monthly re-application for fleet vehicles and for families, 2-4 times per year is sufficient and particularly during flu and allergy seasons.

Allergic to chemicals in cleaning products? Not a problem. A PURIFYD treatment is completely hypoallergenic. Does your car have that that wet dog smell? A pleasant by-product of eliminating germs and molds is that your vehicle will smell "clean and fresh" after a PURIFYD treatment! No artificial scents added.

A full PURIFYD SYSTEMS treatment takes less than an hour. You can easily add it to your next scheduled service appointment. And the cost of being on the PURIFYD SYSTEMS program is less than a dollar a day. It's a small price for the security of knowing your vehicle won’t make your family sick.

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Originally developed for the US Department of Defense, the intelligent chemistry that is the disinfectant in PURIFYD SYSTEMS offers an environmentally friendly multi-part, non-toxic, non-corrosive decontaminant engineered by Sandia National Labs to neutralize the world’s greatest chemical and biological threats. After over $39 million invested in development and testing, this military engineered product has been commercialized to cater to the needs of different markets.

The disinfectant has a twenty-three year history of safety, efficacy, and performance with the US Military and NATO countries. The FBI and numerous other law enforcement, fire, EMS, and HAZMAT teams across the country use it for cleanup operations at crime scenes to neutralize bodily fluids and hazardous chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine labs.

Some of the nation’s leading disaster clean up companies use it for mold remediation after flooding & storm damage and it has been shown to be extremely effective in helping control & prevent avian flu outbreaks in poultry farms across the US.

Sandia's intelligent chemistry formula offers up to a seven log reduction, effectively eliminating 99.99999% of all bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, and chemical & biological hazards. It neutralizes both vegetative and non-vegetative spores (gram negative and gram positive bacteria). Unlike alternate disinfectants, the intelligent chemistry chemically cleaves to the spore wall then neutralizes the mycotoxin inside. It also changes the osmotic pressure around the cell, which causes an imbalance in the internal cellular pressure resulting in the total collapse of the cellular membrane. It is non-flammable, contains zero VOCs, is biodegradable, and leaves behind a non-toxic pH neutral residual barrier that prevents regrowth.

Sandia's intelligent chemistry formula has been proven to be highly effective at eliminating a wide range of biological and chemical health threats.


About the Company

In the old days, families were predominantly concerned about the annual cold and flu season. In today’s world, much has changed. Tomorrow’s health threats look more ominous than ever. Yes, we still have the annual flu season, but what has changed is the multitude of different strains of the flu virus. Each strain has unique characteristics and each year, these viruses become harder and harder to kill. Unlike the world of yesterday, we now live in the age of the superbug. Viruses and killer bacteria such as Norovirus, MRSA, Staph, C. Diff are just a small sample of the health threats each one of us can face every day.

Against this backdrop we have created PURIFYD SYSTEMS. The PURIFYD® brand represents health protection that has been designed to meet both todays and tomorrows needs. Our PURIFYD team is passionate about creating and delivering affordable and reliable health protection solutions for the physical spaces in which we live, work and travel.

We are both a US and Canadian company, founded by Stephen Dunn, a high-tech entrepreneur, and run by seasoned executives and advisors from the markets that we serve. We believe in people first and other stuff second. We believe in using disruptive technologies to make all our lives that much safer and better. We believe products need to be affordable, accessible and simple to use. We believe in giving back … to communities in need and in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

Top Faq

Is PURIFYD Safe for my Family and Pets?

Yes. The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD, is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency/US EPA and is certified as safe for the environment.  In addition, it is registered with Health Canada as food safe. PURIFYD is safe for use on all surfaces and fabrics, contains zero VOC’s (Volotile Organic Compounds), is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

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