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How do I become a PURIFYD Service Partner?

We are actively looking for service partners who wish to offer the PURIFYD® program in their service drive and/or pre-owned vehicle sales.

We provide PURIFYD® to you as a turnkey solution. The PURIFYD® program is easy to understand, apply and sell. Service Advisors and sales team members will be comfortable selling to customers backed up by an ironclad product, a suite of sales aids, and the PURIFYD® Rewards program.

The PURIFYD® intelligent chemistry is applied to a vehicle’s HVAC and interior by a trained detailer or apprentice tech. We provide the best practices and training necessary for your staff to become proficient with PURIFYD®. Vehicle turnaround time is under an hour and does not require the use of a service bay. Multiple vehicles can be done simultaneously.

We supply everything you need along with a special start-up offer.

Complete the “Become a PURIFYD® Partner” contact form. Your customers will thank you!