A Rat Ate My Wiring Harness!

Date: January 25, 2016 Author: Stephen Dunn Categories: Latest


That sort of sounds like, "the dog ate my homework".... rodents munching on wiring, hoses, plastic and other critical car parts has been going on since the early days of cars. What's different now is that this problem is on the rise as automakers use more plant-based biodegradable materials such as soy derivatives for wiring coating. To make matters worse, if the rodents like what they find under your hood, then they invite the whole clan and take up residence...often chewing into your ventilation system and building a nest. That's when it potentially gets very nasty as rodents are known carriers of Hantavirus which can cause severe cardio-pulmonary issues in humans.

So if you keep your car outdoors what can you do about this? There is a particularly clever solution found in a technical service bulletin from Honda. Rodent deterrent tape. It is essentially electrical tape treated with super-spicy capsaicin. Your automotive dealer likely carries it. And if you do get a rodent infestation, ask your dealer or garage to treat your ventilation system and vehicle interior with PurifyD. That will kill any Hantavirus and other bacterial remnants from your ratty guests.