4 Secret Ways to Avoid the Flu

Date: March 6, 2017 Author: Stephen Dunn Categories: Latest

We all know the basic steps to avoiding the flu which includes vaccinations, washing your hands, drinking lots of water and getting adequate sleep. While these are all important, what if there are things you’re not doing that could give your family added protection from this nasty virus. Below are 4 secret ways to give your children and your family a second line of defence against the flu this year.

Get Your Garlic

Many studies have shown that garlic can be an effective supplement in the fight against the flu thanks to the fact that it contains Allicin, a compound with antiviral and antibacterial properties. A 12-week study by the Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Group1 found that patients who consumed garlic every day had a much lower chance of catching the flu virus than those that didn’t consume garlic. While it may not help your breath, garlic can certainly help keep the flu away from your loved ones.

Warm up Your Feet

Doctor Ron Eccles of Cardiff University explains that when your feet are cold, they send a message to your brain to conserve your body’s heat.2 This results in reduced blood flow to areas that lose heat quickly, like the mucous membranes of your sinuses. Reduced blood flow means less infection-fighting white blood cells, making your body more vulnerable to viruses. So, make sure you and your little ones have a warm pair of socks on at all times.

Live for Laughter

This may sound odd, but in fact, science has shown that laughter can help boost your immune system and fight off viruses.3 When you laugh, your heart rate increases and you breathe faster which increases blood flow and gets more oxygen into your body. Laughter also increases the production of infection-fighting antibodies and has the added benefit of lowering your stress levels. So if you’re trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, navigate to the comedy section for some added flu protection.

Decontaminate Your Vehicle

No one ever thinks their vehicle could be the reason their family gets ill. However, your vehicle can harbour a number of nasty viruses, molds and bacteria that can make your family very sick. These uninvited guests can embed themselves on surfaces, in carpets and headliners and most importantly in your heater vents where it’s moist and warm. Getting rid of these intruders is a surefire way to protect your family from the flu this season, and the solution is very easy.

Think of Purifyd as a flu shot for your car. The treatment quickly and effectively disinfects and eliminates 99.99999% of the nasty viruses and bacteria present in your vehicle, even in your heater system. The unique Purifyd formula is certified safe by Health Canada and leaves an antimicrobial layer on your vehicle’s surfaces after the treatment that helps fight off future molds, viruses and bacteria. The treatment has no foul smell and can be performed by a certified service centre in under 20 minutes. A Purifyd vehicle treatment is your family’s second line of defence against the flu this year.

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