Toxic Mold Exposure: The Undiagnosed Cause of Numerous Illnesses

Date: May 24, 2017 Author: Chris Petersen Categories: Latest

   Spring is here and it has brought with it plenty of warm, wet weather. The wet weather and warmer temperatures are responsible for a rise in the presence of toxic molds, and you and your family could be at risk. While most people assume they’re just under the weather, it’s estimated that air pollutants including mold are responsible for a significant portion of incorrect diagnoses for cold-like symptoms this time of year. Children and the elderly are especially at risk because of weaker immune systems.

   Many cold-like symptoms and even everyday ailments are often misdiagnosed because mold toxicity has many similar symptoms, but mold toxicity is rarely ever considered as the problem because it’s not well known by many doctors. This is very dangerous as the effects of mold toxicity are much more serious than the common cold. Mold toxicity causes physical airway irritating effects like coughs, fatigue and allergies, but also very harmful effects on the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain.1 The most serious CNS symptoms are:

- Brain fog and headaches
- Sleep disorders
- Irritability, anxiety and depression
- Confusion and inability to concentrate
- Severe infections
- Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

   The harmful CNS effects come from the most serious types of neurotoxic molds including Stachybotrys (“Black Mold”), Aspergillus, Chaetonium and Wallemia.1 These molds are common this time of year because they thrive on warmer temperatures and wet, oxygen-rich environments. While these molds may simply look unsightly and smell funny, all these molds are capable of causing serious complications and diseases within humans. As these molds grow and mature, their spores release dangerous neurotoxins into the air that will get into your bloodstream and lead to some very serious diseases. The most serious complications from mold neurotoxins include chronic sinus infections, severe lung infections, whole body infections, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), dementia, and even cancer.2


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   These neurotoxic molds are most commonly found in places where it’s warm and humid, and areas with very little light. The most common places to come into contact with these molds is in your home and in your vehicle's air circulation system. Molds like to live where you can’t see them, which makes your vehicle’s air circulation system the perfect breeding ground for them. However, nobody knows that toxic molds breed in their vehicles so they simply drive around suffering from the effects of the molds and putting them and their family at significant risk. The air vents in your vehicle’s circulation system are actually one of the easiest places to find neurotoxic molds because it’s almost impossible to get inside there to disinfect them.

   If you think you’re suffering from mold toxicity symptoms, and are concerned about what can be done to protect you and your family, the following list will help.

#1 - Talk to your doctor
If you think you’re suffering from symptoms of mold toxicity, talk to your health care professional. Many mold toxins can show up in a urine test so your doctor will be able to administer this test, properly diagnose you, and then recommend a proper course of treatment.

#2 - Get your vehicle PURIFYD
A PURIFYD treatment is the easiest and safest way to ensure your vehicle and its air circulation system are free from toxic molds. The treatment disinfects your ventilation system, seats, carpets, headliners and the entire interior of your vehicle to hunt out and destroy mold spores and remove any other unwanted contaminants.

   A PURIFYD treatment quickly and effectively disinfects and eliminates 99.99999% of the nasty molds, viruses, bacteria and allergens present in your vehicle, and even in your heater system. The unique PURIFYD formula is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as environmentally safe and certified safe by Health Canada for food handling facilities. The formula leaves an antimicrobial layer on your vehicle’s surfaces after the treatment that helps fight off future molds, viruses and bacteria. The treatment has no artificial scent and leaves no residual odour. A treatment can be performed by a certified service center in under an hour. A PURIFYD treatment is your family’s first line of defence against toxic mold.

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