Not Seen in 100 Years…

Date: June 2, 2018 Author: Tracey Ehman Categories: Latest

This has been a too frequent message that has been shared in reference to everything from floods and fires, to earthquakes and volcanoes. Will it also be the case as Australia braces for the flu season?

100 years ago the Spanish Influenza, something that many of us only experienced in history books, killed one in 10 people. It was unforgiving and no one was immune. Infectious diseases like influenza are so much easier passed between people now with travelling from one continent to another, in enclosed spaces, creating a breeding ground in every form of transportation.

What can we do to stave off another pandemic like the Spanish Influenza of 1918?

Prevention is key and when everyone does their part, we have an opportunity to prevent these pandemics from happening in the first place.

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