Mark W. Foster - President, PURIFYD SYSTEMS®

Date: January 29, 2019 Author: Tracey Ehman Categories: Latest



Mark W. Foster appointed President, PURIFYD SYSTEMS®

[Vancouver, British Columbia – January 12, 2019] – a leader in Health Protection Systems,
PURIFYD SYSTEMS®, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark W. Foster as President
of THG Global Enterprises, Inc., dba PURIFYD SYSTEMS®.

Mark Foster brings with him 40 + years of business leadership and experience. Having established several successful companies in a broad range of sectors, his timely addition to the company will contribute largely to scaling the operations in addition to a president’s role and duties.

He created and operated a securities dealer, a mortgage company, numerous real estate development companies as well as the driving force behind a variety of startups. Mark is well positioned to play a key role in meeting the company's aggressive growth goals as well as building on the firm's outstanding reputation for service and delivery to professionals, dealers and clients.

Mr. Foster commented “I am very pleased to continue with PURIFYD SYSTEMS® in this capacity and look forward to driving the development and execution of our corporate strategy going forward. In addition to the company’s core dealer-based business, we intend to devote significant time and effort to pursuing international opportunities at both dealer and consumer levels, which we believe offer tremendous opportunity for value creation”.

Steve Dunn, Chief Executive Officer of THG Global Enterprises and founder of PURIFYD® added “I have known Mark for close to 15 years and have great respect for his abilities and track record. He joined me a year ago to help develop the business, so it’s exciting that he now applies his broader experience in the new position as President”.


PURIFYD SYSTEMS® is simply about health… people’s health – yours and mine, our families and friends. We have created this company and work at this every day, because we see systemic and catastrophic results happening now from several worsening trends. Our future will be severely impacted if we are unprepared to address these realities. Toxic molds, for example, are a primary concern.

PURIFYD® was created by its founder, because of a lifetime of family health challenges stemming from repeated exposure to toxic molds. As a forward-thinking company PURIFYD SYSTEMS® is creating and investing in health protection programs that will have long term benefits for consumers and our service providers.

The timing is perfect. The science is very clear on the serious illnesses caused by repeated exposure to biological pathogens and environmental contaminants, and that the situation is getting worse, driven by climate change. These pathogens and contaminants are constantly recurring and continue to get worse over time, if left unbated. That knowledge is now starting to reach consumers as public media picks up on the importance.

Everything PURIFYD SYSTEMS® does is driven by one simple result and that is keeping people healthy. That is what we are passionate about. That is what has propelled us to this point and what will continue to propel us going forward.