Be Prepared for an Early and Severe Flu Season

Date: August 14, 2019 Author: Tracey Ehman Categories: Latest

Early Flu Season

Yes, we know it is still summer, but as we head into the fall, we could be hit with an early, terrible flu season. Currently, Australia is experiencing a more severe flu season earlier than in the past decade and a half, and Canada tends to follow the trend very closely.  The Ontario Healthy Ministry ordered 300,000 more high-dose flu vaccines for this year compared to last year, with a total order of 1.2 million per this recent article.

Because of the likelihood of the flu season starting early in Canada, we recommend you and your team get a flu shot earlier as well. The CDC generally recommends getting the vaccine by the end of October, but if you have access to the vaccine before, take the extra precautions. While it may not protect from all strains, it could at the very least lessen the severity of it, and protect against the complications that require hospitalization.

Kids and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Prevention is most definitely the key. 

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