WHO warns of 13 emerging health threats

Date: February 1, 2020 Author: Tracey Ehman Categories: Latest

world health Organization

In a recent press release the WHO released a list of urgent, global health challenges for the new decade. “The list reflects a deep concern that leaders are failing to invest enough resources in core health priorities and systems” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General

Number 1 on the WHO’s hit parade is climate change:

“The climate crisis is a health crisis” – WHO

We couldn’t agree more. Here at PURIFYD® SYSTEMS, we have been monitoring the trends in disease epidemics, toxic mold proliferation and vector-born disease (spread by biting insects) for 5 years. We are seeing how a warming planet is accelerating the worsening of those trends. 

For RV dealers and customers, the most important takeaway is the worsening of toxic mold proliferation. Even though RV manufacturers, for the most part, have reduced the amount of water leakage into new RVs, don’t expect that will lessen the mold issues. RVs, simply by the nature of their construction and use, are prone to a buildup of moisture in the living spaces thereby creating ideal conditions for mold growth, particularly in the air handling systems. Couple that with a warming planet fueling more aggressive toxic molds and you can understand why we see mold-related issues worsening in this new decade.

So what can we do collectively to stop the buildup of toxic mold in recreational vehicles, and keep our customers’ safe?

Prevention is the key. Waiting until there is a mold problem can mean expensive repairs and an increase in health risk for your customers.

We recommend that Service have a written policy on informing customers about the potential for mold in their RV, including;

  • Tips on how to prevent mold growth,
  • What to do and say to the customer when mold is discovered in their RV, and
  • How to remediate mold contamination in an RV.

We believe that a written policy is necessitated by the increase in mold-related lawsuits that are now occurring in the RV and automotive industries in the US. Unfortunately, we expect to see an increase in those as mold proliferation worsens and the public becomes more educated on the health consequences of toxic molds in their living spaces.

“The cost of doing nothing is one we cannot afford…” WHO Director General

PURIFYD® SYSTEMS has been designed with the future in mind. With PURIFYD® SYSTEMS in your Sales, Rental, Service and F&I menus you have one preventative and remedial solution, for any contaminant, anywhere, that is completely scalable…from spot decontamination to pandemic procedure. 

And it eliminates and deters the growth of toxic molds.

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