COVID-19 - In Air for Hours, On Surfaces for Days

Date: March 18, 2020 Author: Tracey Ehman Categories: Latest

The highly contagious novel coronavirus that has exploded into a global pandemic can remain viable and infectious in droplets in the air for hours and on surfaces up to days, according to a new study, shared in the Globe and Mail, that should offer guidance to help people avoid contracting the respiratory illness called COVID-19.

It is even more imperative that you take precautions against this highly contagious coronavirus.

Disinfecting interior spaces where staff and customers congregate, work or travel is what we do!

There is nothing commercially available, that rivals the effectiveness and safety of PURIFYD® SYSTEMS. 

Our health-protection system enables your service team to easily handle any contaminant, of any size, anywhere in your fleet and facilities. The PURIFYD® SYSTEMS Formula is an unequaled hunter/killer of harmful germs, toxic molds and noxious chemicals. It is EPA registered as safe for the environment and Health Canada registered as safe for all commercial applications including food handling…peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers!

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