Why Invest Your Time With PURIFYD®?

Emerging, untapped market: As a forward-thinking company, PURIFYD® is creating and investing in health protection programs that will have long term benefits both for consumers and our service providers. The timing is perfect. The science is very clear on the serious illnesses caused by repeated exposure to biological pathogens and environmental contaminants, and that the situation is getting worse, driven by climate change.

Significant Upside: There is nothing commercially available that rivals the broad effectiveness and safety of PURIFYD®. As a result, your territory is UNTOUCHED! The opportunity to close deals and build relationships is SIGNIFICANT! Our robust, full commission structure offers a win-win incentive for you to build your book of business with monthly recurring income.

Be Proud of What You Sell: Everything we do is driven by one simple result and that is keeping people healthy. That is what we are passionate about. You will be selling a product that ensures that your family and friends are safe from bio and environmental hazards and you will breathe easy knowing that you have improved your and your clients’ long-term quality of life.

Have Fun While You Do Good: We take what we do seriously, and we have fun while we do it. What’s the point of living a healthy life, if you don’t enjoy the life that you live!

What's Important to Us:

Passion: We are looking for people who are passionate about healthy living. That passion must shine thru everything we do and present to our clients.

An Exceptional Customer Experience: We don’t just sell a product.  We deliver an exceptional customer experience that builds long lasting relationships with our clients and their customers.

Results:  We are committed to your success. We believe in the crawl, walk, run approach to introducing new things. We train, coach and guide our team members so they feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Then, its up to you to deliver the results.

A Dragon Boat Culture: A Dragon Boat is a well-balanced, team of people pulling together to accelerate forward. Each person is a respected individual, contributing their talents as best they know how, to achieve the goal in sight. Integrity, Transparency, Learning, Achieving Results, Having Fun. That’s us!

Do You Share Our Vision?

Opportunities for Independent Sales Reps are available in: