Why Purifyd®?

The average person spends 600 hours a year in their vehicle, but it can be even longer for those that own RVs or drive for a living. Along for the ride are some unwanted guests that live in your vehicle’s interior and HVAC system - a damp, dark place ideal for breeding colonies of bacteria, molds, mildews and their associated odors. And these aren’t just any germs or viruses, they may include the Top 10 most dangerous as explained in this video.

Watch the surprising results when NBC tests a mother’s “clean” car.

What is Purifyd®?

There is no doubt that vehicles have become an integral part of our lives. As life gets busier we spend more and more time driving… to and from work, for work, dropping kids off at a practice, road trips, camping, and even running errands with the dog.


Spilled food, pets and passengers transfer allergens and germs to everything they touch, which makes cars and RVs the perfect breeding ground for harmful germs and toxic molds. Dozens of scientific studies have confirmed that almost every single vehicle contains toxic molds and micro biohazards, even ones that have been professionally detailed!


PURIFYD® is a innovative, health protection program that keeps your family safe from these biohazards that lurk in even the cleanest looking vehicles.


Purifyd® For Fleet Vehicles

We spend a lot of time in our personal vehicles, but those that drive for a living are most at risk. These vehicles are well used and usually not disinfected regularly, if at all, which leads to high levels of dangerous pathogens living inside them. Ongoing exposure to pathogen buildup is proven to cause a wide range of illnesses, some of which are very serious.


A regular PURIFYD® treatment will keep drivers and passenfers safe (and sick less often!) from the harmful germs, bacteria and viruses that thrive in fleet vehicles of all types.

Purifyd® For Automotive

Family vehicles see a lot of foot traffic and have the job of carrying around you, your family, pets, sports gear, picnic food and even sticky juice boxes to name a few things. But with less and less time on our hands, our vehicle interiors are getting neglected. This leads to an exponential growth in harmful pathogens including toxic molds, hazardous bacteria, and viruses that put you and your family at risk.


A PURIFYD® treatment is an affordable and effective way to keep you and your family (and pets!) safe in your vehicle. Drivers whose vehicles are regularly decontaminated report less sickness and a higher level of wellness.



Purifyd® For Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles like motorhomes and watercrafts see high usage which introduces harmful pathogens to their interiors from parks, lakes and oceans. Many of these vehicles then sit outside for long periods of time during wet winter months with a heater inside which creates the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive


Our treatment is hypo-allergenic, has no artificial scents and is safe for all fabrics and surfaces in your RV or watercraft. Protect your health and your lifestyle investment today with a PURIFYD® treatment.



How Safe is Purifyd®?

PURIFYD® is without a doubt the safest, most effective, health protection program for you, your family and your vehicles. PURIFYD® is safe for:


       People with environmental allergies or sensitivities, who often suffer as the vehicle HVAC system blows around pollens and mold spores

       Families with young children who are much more susceptible than adults to harmful germs and toxic molds

       Elderly people, including those with COPD and other respiratory illnesses, who are at greater risk from airborne bacteria and viruses such as the flu or influenza

       Pets, who leave behind whatever they have brought in from the outdoors including fecal matter, the occasional flea or tick, and that lovely “wet dog smell”

       People who use their vehicle as a mobile office and those that drive a fleet vehicle for a living.


The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD® is the world’s strongest, most effective disinfectant. Professionally applied by one of our PURIFYD® Certified Service Providers, it will virtually eliminate* any allergen, germ, mold or fungus that it touches. AND as powerful as it is, it is also completely safe. It is less corrosive and environmentally safer than household bleach and most significantly, it has been registered with the US EPA as environmentally safe and Health Canada as safe for all applications including food handling.


Trusted and used by a number of federal agencies in the US and Canada. There is no other disinfectant on the market that can make all these claims!


*Log Kill data varies by organism, test data available on request.


What is PURIFYD Rewards?

PURIFYD® Rewards is an ongoing points-based program that lets you, the PURIFYD® customer, benefit from your commitment to a healthy vehicle thru ongoing PURIFYD® treatments. Build points every time you purchase a PURIFYD® treatment. And when you are ready, choose your own reward from a world-class shopping gallery that contains top brand names, products and services, event tickets and experiences!

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Top Faq

Is PURIFYD Safe for my Family and Pets?

Yes. The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD, is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency/US EPA and is certified as safe for the environment.  In addition, it is registered with Health Canada as food safe. PURIFYD is safe for use on all surfaces and fabrics, contains zero VOC’s (Volotile Organic Compounds), is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

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